Kelowna Spring Classic MTB Race

Well… Not too much to say about this one.

The guys at Chainline cycle marked up a super cool, fast, fun lap out at the crawford trails. ~3km, and we had 1.5 hours to complete as many laps as possible.

I led the race from the start, until 25 mins in, when I burped my front tire on a 180 degree right hander, and lost pretty much all the air. As it was a short, loopy race, I decided not carry a tube, or a CO2 (which could have been a 30second fix). My Bad. I also may have setup my own demise at the very start of the race, by letting some air out of the tire, after feeling like the front was too hard. OOPS.

Nice work to the 2 from salmon arm who were hot on my tail from the start. Especially 16 year old phenom John Connor who is raging himself into a demon good mountain biker.

What did become of me today? Oblivion:

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